Mar 8, 2014


Hi everyone!! Finally, I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my blog so much (*teary-eyed) It's been a year since my last post here. I got to visit my blog and browse if I have time with my busy as a beaver work schedule. I'm occupied, making big decisions about honesty and what not. Worst case scenario, I'm going to pretend that there's someone there because the alternative is too damn depressing (I'm using my calm voice today. And yeah, I don't do teen drama). After graduation, I had so many priorities on hand to the point that I couldn't make the most out of it.  But thanks to my family and friends whose very supportive to me all the way. They're the reason why I'm still here in this challenging world.  On the lighter note, I noticed that a lot of people these days do love blogging (either food, fashion, travel or photography) and I came to realize that I missed my chances to share my adventures and explorations wherever I go to good places particularly here in my home town, Cebu! And today, I want to share my #ootd to guys as I start my day with a bang and boo!!! This could be my welcome gift to you my dear readers whose been waiting for me to come back here. I can't say NO and can't stop taking photos when I wanted to since blogging is one of my interests.

Anyway, so much for that, when I want to go out, I usually prefer to wear minimal outfit for me to feel comfortable and at ease .  Stripes + stud shoes + hat + cute sling bag = pretty funky look. What makes this photos stand out is the wall background which Cebu's culture represents. How amazing right? What do you think? Hope you guys love and like it! Have a happy and blessed Sunday to all of you. See you around! Kiimmcchhiiii ^^

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