Jul 24, 2013


Fashion says it all. I'm a really big fan of fashion but over the years I've accumulated so much clothes that I really don't know which ones I should keep and which ones I should give away. It sounds like I have a lot that are actually up-to-date with today's trends. Sometimes I absolutely love the thrill of finding a key piece that costs lot less than it looks. This time, I'm gonna show you my outfit which I found from my wonderland closet (I hope you like it! *bubble-pop*)

I'm wearing a cocktail dress  because I want something knee length or below the knee would be all right and even on the mini side as long as it is not so short and the dress itself is catchy and elegant. To look formal, I paired it with a vest that would compliment the color of the cocktail dress with a little accessory on it. What do you think?

I always advise for for more formal occasions to overdress rather than to under-dress. That doesn't mean you have to dress like you are going to a ball but you can never be faulted for making an effort.

Accessories are the easiest way to update your wardrobe. You'll find a variety of reasonably priced ones from a department store or from a thrift store. My advise, go for the affordable ones! Just be creative and don't be afraid to experiment with colors. 

Forever21 Dress, Forever21 Vest, VNC Shoes, DKNY Belt, Mango watch, Victoria Secret make-up clutch

Jul 21, 2013


Hello readers!!! It's been a while since my last post and I'm really sorry if I missed to update my blog. I just don't want to interrupt my week of relaxation, nesting and serenity. Anyway, I'm back and here is my new outfit of the day. Colorful and simple and I prefer to wear this since the weather is good and perfect for my mood. 
This yellow lace tee from Forever21 is one of my favorites. It's very cool and can brighten up my day! Did you see my bra? What I'm wearing is from Wacoal, very comfortable and supportive. I am a petite person but I don't have troubles in using bras as long as the quality is good.These pieces that I do keep are my favorites that are more branded items which I take care of well as they are fashionable but also timeless pieces.
Glad I have this wrist watch from Lucky Brand which is a good addition to what I'm wearing. Lucky I am!!!! *slack-jawed*
This pink denim shorts from BNY is universally flattering. Shorter lengths make your legs longer, while still covering problem areas like the upper thigh.For the most flattering look, keep fullness under control (slimmer-legged shorts will make your legs more slimmer too.)

I frequently wear heels and I noticed these little red veins on my feet that stop somewhere in my shin area. They're not that unsightly but I'm bothered. Someone told me that there are spider veins and it shows my legs are straining from heels and blood circulation is affected. (I hope in time the veins will subside *sigh*) So much for that, I just love this pink pump heels from Forever21 that is relaxing and not that uncomfortable to wear. What do you think about my look?