Jun 14, 2013


Life should not be taken seriously, especially when you've got your responsibilities figured out. This past few weeks, I used to be so pressured about finding for my first job. Anyway, I just hope that all my hard work that I put will finally reap its reward. Maybe I just need some time for myself . I don't want to disguise my true motive at all.Though this day is very hectic, I'll manage to start my photo shoot for my blog with the help of my friend George. It was an awesome experience since it's my first time to sneak around and I'm not quite sure if you like it. Sorry, I usually keep my hair down.

I just love this pink Parisian wedge from my friend George that used to be my assistant and my photographer that day. She's so enthusiastic that she bought with her a lot of shoes and dresses. 
I love her cause she's so supportive and sweet. I owe her a lot. Thanks sissy! 

I'm wearing my old clothes and I find it so cute this time to have some experiment by mixing and matching. It took so long for me to fix my hair and by applying a light make up on it, I look cuter than ever. Again, thanks to my friend George for the help. This will never be possible without her good intentions to be with me and stay by my side all day. Anyway, I'm using my old accessories when I was in college. It seems so nice since I'm fond of collecting some stuff like this. I think it's not important to wear expensive clothes or bling-bling as long as you are creative, determined, having fun, then you can be a fashionista by all means. 

Jun 10, 2013


The colors with Versace's Resort collection was especially vibrant against this gray New York day. Rays of tangerine, turquoise, chartreuse, and bubblegum pink ricocheted from the clothes across the house's Fifth Avenue showroom  as models slunked about wearing supremely sexy dresses in those same shades. Of course, these frocks were all about curves. Layers of bright tulle were tightly ruched from neck to knee (well, really, a few inches above), while stretched fabrics in small-scale florals hugged the body.They were the kinds of glamorous, seductive pieces this house was built on, and the matching shoes--stiletto sandals with bands of stretch jersey wrapped around the foot--were killer. Conveniently, they zipped up the back--easier to slip off when boarding the yatch.

Speaking of which, the collection was based on a maritime theme, eliciting cropped, striped cardigans, wide-leg pants, and teensy bra tops with sailor-slash-Medusa buttons. But perhaps the most noteworthy look here, aside from those hot dresses which—if you have the body—are really good, is the long, straight skirt. Hemlines have been falling all week with designers emphasizing a lean, elongated silhouette. When you see someone like Donatella Versace, who’s never shied from a micromini, do lower-shin length, you know the tide is shifting. But don’t worry, she hasn’t completely gone off the deep end: Those long skirts still have a thigh-high slit.


She often spend her days running around scouting shoots and photographing subjects. As a result, her uniform really made up of jeans, blazers, and boots --clothes that she can move comfortably in. Here, she was looking for shoot locations in Central Park while wearing her favorite Veronica Beard jacket, black J Brand jeans, and Prada boots.

Her Nikon D 7000 is pretty much constant accessory.The camera strap is a plane seat belt covered in fabric. She had it costumed-designed and she grown so attached to it that she can't imagine shooting without it. On her wrist, she's wearing her grandmother's lucky charm bracelet. Her father gave it to her on her 29th birthday. Her grandmother was an amazing woman with great taste and and a real interest in fashion and jewelry -- she loves wearing her pieces and moreover her jewelry that simply tells a story.

She was committed to her tortoiseshell Ray-Bans until a friend recently gave her these Warby Parker sunglasses. She was obsessed with them and now she have three pairs in different colors. She love the classic shape, and the one she's wearing here are the perfect shade of tortoise. Over her shoulder, she's carrying an old Louis Vuitton bag that she found at a flea market. She collect vintage clutches and bag -- even briefcases and luggage -- and she's always on the haunt. She love the smell of the old leather, and she appreciate the detail in the craftsmanship.

 Here, she was hanging out in her living room wearing a Michael Kors sweater, J Brabd bell-bottoms, and her Chloe boots. She bought the boots about three of four years ago. She saw them and was nuts about them. They were a really big financial commitment at the time, and thankfully, she still wear them year after year. She's always thrilled to pull them back out of the closet. 

Her necklace is by Holst + Lee -- they're two talented girls who are designing amazing statement pieces right now. She originally found out about them through her friend, Cena Jackson. She was doing PR for them ,and they needed a portrait. They gave her five necklace in exchange for her shooting a photograph of them, and she just fell madly in love with what they're doing. 

She really like the color of these Chloe boots. They're the perfect shade of khaki suede, and they go with just about everything. She love how they feel a bit seventies, too.

She often use her dining room table as a desk. Here, she's wearing her vintage YSL navy blazer, a white J Crew T-shirt, black J Brand jeans, and her Rag & Bone boots. She's been wearing J Crew since she was about twelve years old and their pieces always find their way into her everyday wardrobe. They're clothes you can really go back to again and again.

This is a vintage fox belt that her sister Veronica gave her. She paired it with her grandmother's gold bangles--her Mom gave them to her for her 25th birthday. She wear so little jewelry that whenever she do wear it, it's always very personal to her. As she gotten older, the most special pieces are the one's that have been passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. They carry a special value to her.   

These are her brown leather Rag & Bone boots. She collect boots, and these are a newer addition. They have the perfect heel height and are great for long shoot days.

She's was so excited about her solo show at the Lu Magnus. Lauren, one of the gallery's owners, and she are editing her photos together while standing next to piece the by the artist Jonathan Allen. The show we're prepping for is going to be called "American Beauty" . I t was opened last March 30, 2013 and focuses on a selection of portraits from her newly dresses book published by Assouline, of the same name. She's wearing her Celine trench, her 7 For All Mankind jeans that she had forever, her felt hat, and Prada boots. She was crazy about her hats, and feel more herself with one of that off. She have been wearing this one the most lately.

Her gold bangle has made a repeat appearance here, but this time she paired it with a vintage gold wedding cuff that her husband gave her as a present when she signed the contract her first book deal. She love the charms that symbolize the stories of her own life.

Her Chloe bag is front and center of this pic. She love its shape, and the beautiful cognac color. Classic bags are always the way to go, in her opinion, because you can wear them year after year. She often find herself steering away from trends--whether it be with bags or clothes for that matter. 

Here. she was walking with her dog, Blue, in the park. This is a daily ritual of her and something that she's looking forward to. She\s wearing her Celine coat for warmth, a J.Crew marine fisherman sweater, her old blue jeans, and her Prada boots. She bought the boots when she first started shooting, and it's funny, she almost wear them five days a week now regardless of what anyone thinks. She had them re-soled three times. She also have on her favorite fox trapper hat--it's perfect for especially cold days. Julie Christie's style in Doctor Zhivago inspired her to get a trapper hat, so her mother-in-law kindly had this one made for her at a furrier. Either you're a hat person or you're not. You shouldn't wear one unless it feels natural. She's feel a bit incomplete without one--they've really become part of her look.

    Photographer: Marko MacPherson
    Photos from: Vogue.com