Jun 21, 2013


It's the second time around for this handsome, cute, charming and bubbly Korean superstar/actor Lee Min Hoo oppa for his "My Everything" World Tour first-ever Concert that will happen  on July 6, 2013, Saturday 8 pm at the Mall of Asia Arena. After his successful fan concert last November 2012, the phenomenon Boys over Flowers and City Hunter star has come to his way as an recording artist, returns to Philippines for a one night only concert. It's pretty obvious, everyone are really excited about it. 
I'm always be a fan of Min Hoo because I find him so cute and I love those killer smile that would melt my heart everytime I saw him on television. Well, I have enjoyed a lot of his dramas because he was one of the best actors who made me fall in love. He's very versatile and full of surprises. So far so good, I'll always love his fashion...still the best! He always blew me away with those acting skills and absolutely he is the coolest guy ever!

Actually, I discovered Korean drama by chance and one of my favorite drama ever is the Boys over Flowers that everyone were crazy about it. I was addicted to it that I used to start watching other dramas from then on. I noticed that Koreans were really good on drama. The way they portray their characters and they were surreal, touching and so funny. I have always imagined that if I were meet a famous person like Lee Min Hoo, I wouldn't go crazy and just be like I would go insane to the point where I would pass out. He's one of my ultimate crushes in Korea. I don't know what he's like in person but I bet he's awesome and nice. I wish I can see him in Korea soon! Hahaha
So guys, I know Min Hoo oppa will try his best to entertain us a lot on his upcoming concert. Grab your tickets now before it will sold out. Visit www.smtickets.com for more info and update. For VVIP tickets, call Wilbros Live at 374-9999. AJA!!!!!

Jun 17, 2013


More often than not her breakfast consists of a coffee en route to the subway, but she do love when she's able to sneak in a working breakfast at her favorite Brooklyn restaurant, Frankies 457, in Carroll Gardens. She's been eyeing this Jill Stuast dress on Meredith Melling Burke for a few months and was thrilled to find it at Huricane Sandy sample sale in November since then it's become an xpected staple in her other pants-dominated wardrobe. She don't like to feel too frill,so combining it with her vintage red fox-fur coat and a pair of over-the-knee Maxmara boots keeps her feeling more Penny Lane than prim. She tend to shy away from super-bright colors, but the cool lilac on her Chloe bag feels close enough to a neutral for her comfort zone.
She only wear jewelry that caries personal significance and keep the same pieces on everyday. Her claddagh ring is an heirloom from the Irish side of her family and she haven't gone a day without wearing it in ten years. Her signet ring--probably the most precious item that she own was a gift from her parents on her 21st birthday and is a testament to their perennial good taste. For her college graduation, she bought herself and her bestfriend Julia matching gold knuckle rings--their experience at the University of Chicago was far from traditional, so it only felt fitting to share rings that sit in an atypical place.
Designers are showing their pre-fall collections at the moment, so a large part of her day is spent visiting studios for presentations. Here she was at the gorgeous Sea loft on Canal Street, two of her favorite young New York designers--Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini create really charming and affordable clothing that doesn't sacrifice any amount of cool for the price. Before seeing Isabel Marrant Fall 2012 show, she would have been hard pressed to try on a ruffled skirt, let alone to invest in one. However, she always had a fascination with American and how Isabel translates it with her trademark French girl slouch. This skirt and top will easily be wearable during the summer---and she love that, together, they look more like a dress. The silver lining of losing her original cherished leather jacket in Paris was finding this even better version in Hippy Market, the Marais's veritable treasure trove of vintage.
This cool chain and fox collar by Jennifer Fisher is just right for cold days when a long coat doesn't feel appropriate. For better or worse, she was completely addicted to her iPhone. Dependency issues aside, it's allowed her to downsize her massive totes to more streamlined clutches like this uber-chic, dove gray version by Proenza Schouler. She wear the same three bracelets day in and day out, all of which bear sentimental value. Her mother bought the simple silver bangle on the beach in Belize during a family vacation, and she have worn it for close to two decades. Her ID bracelet was an eighteenth birthday gift from her parents, and she's planning on adding an Ann Dexter-Jones ID bracelet with their names engraved to go with this one, which has hers. Her David Yurman cable cuff is a family tradition--both her mother and her grandmother wear the same one.
She had a serious crush on these Isabel Marrant boots since she first saw them go down the runway, and it's now hard to find her out of them. She spend generous portion of her week running around to market appointments and out doing showroom pulls, and these shoes provide the emotional satisfaction of a high heel with the physical practicality of a flat.
She lived in New York her whole life and she's about to embark on only her third move--crossing the river from Brooklyn to Chinatown. While her quite familiar with her new neighborhood, she's been making more and more trips there to scout things in between market appointments. After some persuasion from her coworkers,she's recently come around to white jeans and definitely prefer wearing them in the winter when they feel less expected. J Brand makes the best she's found so far. This particular coat by Theory is the perfect combination of her preferred color palette of neutrals, and it spruces up a simple tan's sweater by The Row. She's recently upgraded her Ray-Ban aviators to this Celine pair, and the olive shade makes her feel like she's adding color to her wardrobe.
She's starting to collect Claire Vivier bags--her price points are unbearable, and the bags are both classic and charming. Without a doubt, these Rag & Bone are her most worn pair of shoes. They look just as good with a bare leg as with pants, and they never make her feel over-or uderdressed.
They're staring to work on some of her spring swim stories, so Matthew, who designs the perpetually chic Charlie by Matthew Zink line, came by theVogue offices to show her his latest collection. She love the mixed stripes on this Chinti and Parkers swear--it's a great twist on a clasic for a pattern-shy dresser like herself. And, these cropped leather flares from Elizabeth and James encapsulate her favorite new silhouette and showcase her staple Givenchy sandals.
She like polish and elevation that symmetrical matching outfits cuffs add to a more casual outfit. This particular set is by YSL, but some of her favorite pairs come from classic High Street stores such as Forever21 and H&M. They're made for a Wonder Woman moment.
If she had to choose one outfit to wear daily, this would probably be it. She break out these oversize Tibi trousers at least a few times a weak--with a sweater tucked in for the office, a beat-up tee for contrast on a night out, or this silk racer-back Tibi tank for dinner and after-work drinks at the Bowery Hotel--her (much more glamorous) home away from home.
When it comes to makeup, she adamantly subscribe to the philosophy that less is more--usually she just curl her eyelashes and air-dry her hair. Even in the midst of the nail-art craze, the wildest she got was trying out clear shellac manicures. However, this hefty vintage collar has inspired her to seek out more sooty-eyed, Bianca Jagger--esque moments--with varying degrees of success.
She tried tuxed coats in the past, but, as someone who trends to shy away from accenting their shoulders. She found herself largely unwilling to wear them. But the tailoring on this one--which lends it a rare balance between structure and movement--has proven to be just the remedy for her jacket malaise. Originally, she had this tuxed coat from The Row on her Christmas list, but it turns out she's a bit more anxious than she had anticipated. It's become such a fixture,however, that it would have been worth any wait.

Hair: Adrian Clark; Make-up: Robert Seknek     
Photograph by: Marko McPherson
Photos from Vogue

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Jun 16, 2013


I just love this plaid high heel shoes from TopDresses and I find it so cool to wear with shorts all the way sneaking around at the mall all day! Before, I don't actually wear high heels cause it's really hard to manage while you are in a hurry like taking almost 60 steps to your classroom just to reach the allotted time. Definitely it was crazy! I've always have this feeling to wear high heels but after a few hours or few minutes, I feel tired. Sometimes, I just walk straight with confident because once you start becoming confident, this help to break into the shoes and make me more stable and balanced. I think, the best place to break in a new pair of heels or to practice wearing them is at the market. You can walk around holding on to a shopping cart. 


East cost may not get to their beaches as much as their West Coast counterparts, but the transience of a great summer makes the time there that much sweeter. Along the shores of the Atlantic, certain destinations have a particular style DNA. Shop chic beach accessories--meaning everything but the swimsuit--for the high glamour of South Beach, the romantic bohemian spirit Kiawah Island in South Carolina, the old school party culture of Montauk and the classic New England prep of Nantucket.

Rash guard by Glamourpuss
Sunglasses by Westward Leaning 
Baseball cap by Acne 
Scarf by Lemlem 
Headphones from  Frends 
Shoes from I-X 
Football,prince upon request from Chanel 
Backpack by Topshop