Jun 14, 2013


Life should not be taken seriously, especially when you've got your responsibilities figured out. This past few weeks, I used to be so pressured about finding for my first job. Anyway, I just hope that all my hard work that I put will finally reap its reward. Maybe I just need some time for myself . I don't want to disguise my true motive at all.Though this day is very hectic, I'll manage to start my photo shoot for my blog with the help of my friend George. It was an awesome experience since it's my first time to sneak around and I'm not quite sure if you like it. Sorry, I usually keep my hair down.

I just love this pink Parisian wedge from my friend George that used to be my assistant and my photographer that day. She's so enthusiastic that she bought with her a lot of shoes and dresses. 
I love her cause she's so supportive and sweet. I owe her a lot. Thanks sissy! 

I'm wearing my old clothes and I find it so cute this time to have some experiment by mixing and matching. It took so long for me to fix my hair and by applying a light make up on it, I look cuter than ever. Again, thanks to my friend George for the help. This will never be possible without her good intentions to be with me and stay by my side all day. Anyway, I'm using my old accessories when I was in college. It seems so nice since I'm fond of collecting some stuff like this. I think it's not important to wear expensive clothes or bling-bling as long as you are creative, determined, having fun, then you can be a fashionista by all means. 
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