Jun 27, 2013


Hola! My first attempt to be super dainty! So do I pass or fail? Haha. It was really a good day, no traffic congestion and Mr. Sun smiles brightly. This picture is actually a stolen shot but I decided to include this cute thing, its just ME. Anyway, I love this embellished dress with lots of sequence and glitters. This is a Chinese collar dress with sheer part on the chest part. On the first glance, you think that the fabric is itchy or uncomfortable but its the opposite! :) 
This dress is truly a deceiver, a conservative look infront and tadaaaaa! a seductive back-revealing style!! See how the lines were perfectly cut to create a sophisticated look. I truly love clothes with overly detailed parts, its just worth wearing. 

This is a closer look with the Chinese collar and the sheer part. Lovely sight, right? :) See how this dress is meticulously done. *insert ooh's and aah's*
I opted to wear a silver wrist watch just a little touch of classy. 
To add with the classic look, I paired the dress with a black pumps. I forgot where I got this shoes, I think this was a gift from my mother for my graduation. Hahaha.
The complete look is really astounding *insert claps* This dress definitely defines the a half conservative seductive ME. Hahaha. So that's it. Have a great day ahead :)

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