Jun 29, 2013


Annyonghaseyo!!! I just wanted to share to you how creative I am in terms of fashion this past few weeks (Hahaha..Seriously I'm not, but for all my timid evasiveness I can be feisty when pushed to the limit) Everything is perfect because I had with me a great person who used to be my motivator and my counterpart. We get along so well that I love how my outfit turned out to be like this. I know, I know, it sounds like provocative and honest but I really want to pursue it all the way without disguising my true motives.
Here it is, what I am wearing today is one of my favorite dresses at my closet.  A tiger-skin maxi dress that fit my shape. (similar here and here ) As I remembered, it's my second time to wear it since I worn it when i went to my town place where my high school friends can't stop staring at me. Maybe because I turned into a lady now not to mention how stubborn and weird I was during my high school days. Gosh! It's so embarrassing how everyone treated me like I'm an idiot. (Heeyy!! I'm still a girl with a golden heart. *sigh*) Luckily, I earned a lot of  appreciation to those people who really believe in me.  So, I'll give them with my best SHOT!!!!  Tsk..Tsk..Tsk..
This black clutch was my friend's gift and I love how it matches with my outfit. Simple and easy to bring with when you want to go to a party where you can put all your belongings. (similar here) Oh oh! we girls should always bring a makeup with us because we never want to end up being left alone with  painful bumps and bruised egos. Ouchh!!!
Wondering what I'm thinking?? Well, you're not going too far cause I know I look uncomfortable and  I felt very shy when we did this shoot. I had mixed emotions to the point  that I was not able to concentrate well with my photographer at all. One word, I'm super duper HUNGRY! (Hahahaha. I'm just being honest.)

I  love the combination of these yellow with color green flat shoes I bought from Metro Department Store that helps me stay posh and classy for a casual style. This black gold cute and pretty headband added me some charm. You ca easily wear it at any time you find most convenient and let you look more chic. You can also actually match it with a sheer top, mullet skirt and strap wedges. Over accessories is a big no-no! Sometimes I prefer not to wear a lot of bling-bling. Just be confident of what you are wearing and everything well turn to be perfect! What do you think fashionistas?

Before I end this, here's some good news to all of you my readers. Taaddaaa!!! It's a give away alarm and I just want to tell you guyz that starting next week, I'll gonna show you more of my favorite and personal style and win it for free! (I want to hear your scream and shout..Whhooohhh!!!) Just be one of my followers and be the lucky winner. I'll make sure to keep in touch with you. Please keep updated and thanks for dropping by! Kiiimchiiii!!!! :)
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