Jun 24, 2013


Sundays are the best days of the week! New place and new discoveries with friends and families. It's a perfect day to celebrate like going to the beach, having a picnic, watching movies or any other recreational activities that you would surely love.Because I super love Cebu as the best place in town, I decided to spend my weekend in Mactan Newtown. I was looking forward to have a peaceful and entertaining weekend and I was very happy because my friends were there with me the whole time. Ahh, best word that comes first to my mouth when I went there was, "awesome!" For the record, it was my first time to visit Lapu-Lapu City and I find it so great and relaxing. I think, everyone deserves to have a break because it is always exciting for a lot of us to run away from a lot of things and have some peace of mind.
For a more refined and comfy look, I opted to wear this Gray tank top from SM Department Store and a hand-me-down ripped shorts. Thanks to my ever dearest sister for the shorts *wink* 
My comfy shoes are from Native. They are so comfortable, it is lightweight and its like your walking on bare foot. They can also be worn in the beach and some stroll in the mall.
You see how cute this wrist watch? I can't even get my eyes off it. This white and pink Juicy Couture wrist watch is surely a must have. It's a combination of uber cuteness and girly feel. 

See this cutie patootie bag? :)) See? Are you green with envy? Lucky me, I just got this from a thrift store. A versatile piece that suits any outfit. Horray for today! :)
Apparently, this look was very cozy. See how I pulled all these things in a jiffy (Because my friends were so excited to get pictures of me. Haha. Okay, okay. Nuff said!) Ergo, my day turned out REALLY great. Like ten times great! We had sumptuous meal and girly night talk in my friend's house who is living in Lapu-Lapu. How was your weekend guys? :)

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